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The Gate to Heaven is Open

Human beings believe that heaven exist somewhere else, beyond this world. They say- a good person abodes to heaven and a bad abodes to hell. And some believes that heaven is owned by the God, while hell by some devil. But if so was true, then no one would ever do a wrong act. Everyone wants to go to heaven (स्वर्ग, as called in Hindi). Is there a physical gate that leads one to heaven? No. But the gate is a formless gate that opens with a simple password. As you read this post, at the end you will discover that 5 questions password.

Now we understand that there is both heaven and hell in the same world. God, the creator is one. Thus his creation (world) is one. There is no another world where a soul has to go after the death of his body. And there is no such concept as a good and a bad soul. Instead when one does a righteous action (in accordance with its true spiritual virtues) then that soul is recognised as a good or great soul. But the same soul may be in future, a wrong action which harms others, then it will be called a bad person.

In actuality, the souls are in a journey. Some of us are in this world since 5000 years, while some are just came. This is the corporeal world (there are 3 worlds). The same world was heaven, when all the human souls were pure and perfect. The world was perfect. This time is known as the Golden Age. This way the cycle repeats every 5000 years.

Now the gate to heaven is again open. Who can go? Those can go who have passed the 5 exams of Maya. There are 5 obstacles which will stop you from entering into the deity world (golden age). As this gate is not a physical one, we ourself will decide through our Karma, whether we get the fortune of heaven or not. This is that diamond age, the precious time when all the souls are making their own fortune. The pen (kalam) is given to everyone. The power is given by the unlimited God father.

How can one pass this 5 tests of Maya ?

The five tests are of lust anger, greed, ego and attachment.

To the degre and extent that one passes all this five tests, he gets the fortune in heaven. Some becomes a prince and princess, some becomes wealthy subjects and some also become ordinary subject.. All 3 classes are based on the study that they did in the confluence age (the present time)

Below is the picture that explains the way to heaven - How one have to pass the 5 hurdles and cross them with the power of Yog with the supreme soul. This is Raja Yog, through which one conquers the inner vices. One who conquers his inner wold, also conquers the outer world.

So now is clear in our intellect, that the only way to get the fortune of happiness, is to remove the 5 vices which are present. How to remove? - removed with the power of Yog. The yog is taught by the supreme, the knowledge is given. Knowledge means understanding of the truth.

Now we understand the truth. Truth is that we all are souls and the supreme soul is one. He is the creator of heaven, our father. Read: Introduction of God.

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