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Experiencing the Power of Silence

Power of Silence - Brahma kumaris meditation

An articles by Sister Jayanti:

In my free time I am practicing silence more and more. It is helping me to stay peaceful and calm my mind. As relationships, health and wealth are not a reliable source of happiness, I am finding more and more that spending time with the supreme soul the highest energy in silence is my main source of happiness. It is an excellent way to stay peaceful and conserve energy. It is also important to keep the balance between spending time internally and spending time externally.

Human beings seldom enjoy spending time alone. We prefer to spend time with others as it is a way of avoiding ourselves. When we are in the company of others we forget about all the sins we have committed. However, spending time alone in silence and with God is a great way to get to know yourself and cure your mind of any illnesses.

When someone wants to invent something new they have to go into silence. They apply their intellect with a lot of focus and concentration. This is the power of silence!

“We thought we could find happiness outside of us, that we could live from outside to in.…this created a vicious circle. Well-being became more and more based on things outside of us, which are never stable. Finally when we actually lost them, as happens sooner or later with everything physical, we suffered a lot internally.”

Sorrow, fear and worry are not part of our true nature. They “drain us of the power to interact accurately and constructively with the world around us.” When I experience my true qualities of peace, love, happiness, purity and bliss and I am aware of these qualities, this is how others will see me and experience me.

To become upset or unhappy about anything or to be in a bad mood is to “put a drop of poison in a pot of nectar”. If any such situation occurs then you quickly need to create a good atmosphere of happiness. There is the saying that whatever happens will pass, nothing stays the same. “Make yourself so strong that even if the whole world fluctuates, you remain stable. When your motives are pure and positive, and based on love and truth, there will be this power of peace”.

You need to pay attention to the quality of your thoughts. Ask yourself, “do I have pure and positive thoughts for everyone, including myself?” Keep good wishes for all. That way you do not cause sorrow for anyone even in your thoughts. If someone does not respect you or love you then keep giving them respect and love.

When we want to prove ourselves to be right or accuse others we speak in a long complicated way. Don’t be a lawyer or a judge for anyone.

When you speak about your difficulties you increase them. Also, when others see you in sorrow they will feel sorry for you and that will make you feel more sorrow. So it is best not to give energy to your problems.

This spiritual knowledge has come from a book by Dadi Janki called “Inside Out” and also a YouTube video of a class by Dadi Janki on “Experiencing the Power of Silence”.

Episodes of Healing Power of Silence by Sister BK Jayanti:

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