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Navratri Special Message 2020

Navratri (नवरात्री) has come again! Devotees celebrate these nine days to worship the goddess Jagadamba in her nine divine and different forms (Parvati, Saraswati, Durga, Kali, Vaishnavi, Gayatri, Amba, Gauri, and Lakshmi). Today, we will learn about the true meaning of these forms of ShivShakti Jagadamba Maa.

This is a season to observe purity and devotion. People in the states of India welcomes the Devi in different ways. While the Garbas and devotion of Maa Amba is observed mainly in Gujarat and Rajasthan, the festival of Navratri is celebrated in entire India (Bharat) with different names.


Festival of Navratri is specially celebrated in Gujarat and Rajasthan areas. Garba is held in almost all the cities and villages. In this, people wear colourful and decorated clothes and gathers at a place where they dance in the love of goddess Amba, after which they take the Prasad (a specially prepared holy food)


In South India, we call it 'Guddi Puja'. People create or brings home Guddis (small dolls) which represent the devi's nine forms. They worship those guddi (dolls) for nine days. The faith is that on the 10th day, the devi comes home and takes away all the sorrow and peacelessness.


In northern Indian states, the days of Navratri are celebrated as a memorial of Ramlila. The story goes like this: Rama (lord 'Ram') took nine days to free his Sita from the custody of Ravan (demon). On the 10th day, he got the victory. Thus those days are remembered as a victory of good over evil. People arrange for Drama to dipict this story.

❈ EAST INDIA & other states

Mainly in Bihar and West Bengal, goddess Durga is worshipped during these days. There are large gatherings in the temples of goddesses where the devotees take Vrat (Upvaas) when they fast for a half day for nine days. The faith is that the Devi fulfills the pure desires of devotees who observe fast and divinity during these holy days and nights.

Significance of Navratri - Brahma Kumaris

But what is the spiritual significance of Navratri and the 9 forms of Amba? What does it signify in our own life? Actually, those 9 powers represents our own spiritual powers (Refer to Powers of Soul)

Spiritual Significance of Navratri

The truth of celebration of Navratri lies in the 'spirit'. Hence to say, now we will know about its 'spiritual significance'. We say - Goddess ShivShakti, which means - the powers of Shiv (or Shiva) is the goddess. She is the practical (corporeal) form of Shiv, the one who is incorporeal.

Come and learn the truth about Navratri in below videos by BK Sister Shivani and BK Suraj bhai.

1. Navratri - Nine forms of Durga explained by BK Shivani

2. Navratri greetings and meaning - BK Suraj

So now you have learned about the true meaning and why Navratri is celebrated. Now you can also emerge such 9 powers which are already present in your soul. How? By connecting your intellect to God, our spiritual father who is an ocean of peace, purity, love and powers. This is called - Raja Yoga meditation. Come and learn. Through this easy RajYog only, I the soul experience a connection and relationship with God, the supreme soul. With this, I derive virtues and powers from the source, by which my own life is filled with peace, love, and joy.


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