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84 Colours of Soul (Holi Special Article)

Happy Holy. Holi festival is celebrated in Bharat to signify the purification of souls by meeting with the Supreme soul. It also signifies that we say 'Past is Past'. Let us create future a-new. Before holi (celebration), we burn our old objects in the holy fire. This signifies that before enjoying a meeting with God, we must first burn our old sanskaras (old habits) connected with the 5 vices. After burn them only we celebrate the colours - Colours signifies different virtues and powers of soul.

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So here the the special article: 84 colours of Soul, also available to listen in English and Hindi on given video. You can access this same article in Hindi - ८४ आत्मिक स्मृति के रंग

Brahma Kumaris with holi colours

** Happy Holi to all dear divine brothers & sisters **

Today the whole world is playing sorrowful Holi because everyone is showering the colours of five vices and it’s progeny. Some paint thecolour of lust, some the colour of anger, some the colour of greed orattachment. Majorly, no one has escaped the subtle colours ofselfishness, envy, jealousy, hatred, cruelty, attraction and necessity. The root colour behind these is the colour of body consciousness due to which the soul has become dis-coloured and covered with the rubbish of vices.

The original colour which is of knowledge, peace, love, joy, purity, power, bliss is concealed. So let us make every one soulful before the arrival of the new world. This spiritual colour is acquired through the gathering of only one God father. God Father Shiva reincarnates in the confluence age of each world cycle for the establishment of new world and make his soul children equal to him by purifying them with the colours of his company. This is a True Holi celebration but in order to become holy and celebrate holi first of all impurity and all that is bad has to be burnt off.We have to forget all feelings of differences & keep the attitude of equalitythat is, of being brothers then only we can experience the imperishable colour. Until impurity is completely finished you cannot be coloured with the colour of purity.

* (video) 84 Spiritual Colours of Soul Consciousnes *

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