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Old Photos Gallery

(memories since 1934)

Old images captured since 1936 (beginning of the Yagya). Living through those moments from History - Sakar Baba (Brahma baba) and Mamma (Saraswati), Dadi Prakashmani, Didi Manmohini, Dadi Janki, Gulzar and other Dadis with the original jewels of Rudra Gyan Yagya. You can read about these great souls of yagya on our Biography page.

Total 62 selected images are shown. More are zipped to download. Do SHARE this page to BKs.

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Brahma baba & dear Mama

Karachi - A simple life lived for Self Transformation

Brahma Baba and dear Mama - Royal

Brahma Baba and Mamma sitting - very Royal and Aloukik

Old Yagya image of Brahma Kumaris

Settled in Karachi - simple and pure life lived by about 180 Souls

Brahma baba in Yaad

In Yaad of Shiv baba, with Ekagrata (concentration) of Buddhi (intellect)

Mamma - Brahma Kumaris images

Mamma Ruhani Dristi - Divine face of the Divine Soul

BaapDada giving Toli after Murli

Baba giving Toli after Murli class (see those blissful eyes of Baba). Everyone is smiling in joy.

Mamma during Services in Bharat

Mamma during services - with Yagya Dadis and New BKs. In Bharat (India)

Brahma baba and Did Manmohini

Brahma baba and Didi Manmohini picture taken in madhuban

BapDada Dristi - Brahma Kumaris

BapDada giving powerful Dristi of light and might -forgetting this world

Yagya- 1940s ~Brahma Kumaris

in Karachi - see behind is the sea where did Tapasya in early mornings or afternoons

Mateshwari Jagadamba Saraswati

Mateshwari Jagadamba Saraswati (Mamma) 3 forms of Mamma -of loving, powerful and nourishing

Baba Mamma aur Bacche -Yagya

Rudra Gyaan Yagya - Shiv baba ka Yagya - Brahma Kumaris Image Gallery

Baba Mamma in garden -Brahma Kumaris

Mamma and Baba with a flower of their garden. Garden of sweet Madhuban

Brahma baba in Yog Tapasya

Brahma baba sitted in Yog Madhuban after 1960

Sakaar BapDada Dristi - BK

Sakaar Brahma Baba giving Dristi - portrait - BK gallery

Mamma Saraswati - Yagya images

Mamma during Seva (1950s). Mamma comes to centres for service and speaks Murli which were recorded.

Om Mandli days - 1938
Mamma Saraswati playing Veena (1935)

Mamma is playing Veena - in childhood days. Virtue of music

Dadi Prakashmani in Tapasya -1940s

Kumarka (Dadi Prakashmani) in Tapasya (1940s)

Mamma and Dadi Prakashmani -Yagya 12

Mamma and Dadi Prakashmani during Seva days (1950s) World Service

Mamma in Yog - Shiv ki Shakt

Shiv ki Shakti - Mateshwari Jagadamba Saraswati - 1960s - Tapasya

Tapasya Old photo - Brahma baba

Brahma Baba in Tapasya - old photo - after 1940 (Karachi)

Brahma baba in Angel dress - BapDada

Avyakt Brahma as Angel (Farista) - Avyakt BaapDada

Baba Mamma planting - Karachi

Mamma and Baba are Planting vegetables in garden - Karachi - simple life

Sakar Baba Mama - Brahma Kumaris

Sitting on 'jhula' (swing) and giving Dristi - Baba Mamma

Om Mandli - School ki Kumariya

Kumariya - Om Niwas, Om Mandli - Baba's children

Sakar Murli class - BapDada

Murli spoken in 'this' History Hall - rare picture during Murli

BapDada writing letters to children

BaapDada use to write many letters to children daily to centres & homes, giving directions and Sweet remembrance.

Brahma baba in Tapasya 02

Brahma baba in Tapasya - Old image - Om Mandli - when the name 'Shiv' was NOT known

BapDada giving Toli - Brahma Kumaris

After Murli, Baba use to give Toli (bhog) to everyone by Himself.

Brahma baba Ruhani Dhristi

The eyes Full of Bliss - future form of Krishna is visible

Shiv baba and Mamma - Yog

Shiv baba and Mamma. Mamma in complete Yog (Remembrance) with Shiv baba

BapDada Dhristi - Madhuban

BaapDada giving Ruhani Dristi - Madhuban images

BapDada Avyakt Alokik Dristi

BaapDada giving Ruhani Dristi - Sakaar - Madhuban

Brahma Kumaris -All Dadis

Dadi Gulzaar and other Dadis of Yagya - Shiv Shakti

Brahma Kumaris Yagya All dadi

Yagya ki Dadiya - All Dadis in one picture

Brahma Kumaris - Dadi aur Didi

Many Dadis and Didi Manmohini in Sabha

Baba Mama (mamma) - Yagya image

Baba Mamma standing together giving Dhristi

Brahma baba sitting in garden

Simple life of Brahma baba after surrendering everything to Shiv baba (God) Picture taken in garden of Madhuban

1935 - Brahma baba with loukik

Oldest picture. This is even before Om Mandli (1935) Baba seen with his loukik family

Baba Mamma -Old BK Yagya images

Om Mandli. This is school opened for explain true Gita (Gita Pathshala)

5 Dadis when Young - BK images 32

Dadis when were young. Dadi Prakashmani (second to left)

Came to Mount Abu - 1950

Came to Mount Abu in a train in 1950 (Mamma Baba and all family of 180)

Oldest photos of Mamma Baba together

Oldest photos of Mamma Baba taken together. Karachi

Baba Mamma in Tapasya

Prajapita, Mateshwari and 8 RajYogi BKs - Madhuban

Baba, Dadi and others -Madhuban - BK

Many children across the centres in India comes to meet Baba in Madhuban

Brahma baba and Didi Manmohini

Brahma baba and Didi Manmohini in kitchen -Madhuban

BapDada giving Toli after Murli

BaapDada use to give Toli after Murli - sometimes

Shiv Shaktiya at service of Bharat

Shiv Shaktiya (devi) Brahma Kumari at services across Bharat (India)

Jagadamba Sarasati (Mamma) with all

Mamma is speaking to all those who came to listen, Murli of Shiv baba

Brahma baba eating food -Madhuban

Brahma baba and all are eating food - Madhuban Kitchen

Dadis of Yagya with BKs -Madhuban

Dadis of Yagya are with BKs came in Madhuban

Baba speaking Murli -Rare picture

Baba speaking Murli, Mamma on the left -very Rare picture during Murli

Mama Baba greeting in madhuban

Welcoming new Kumaris and Kumars.

Brahma baba and Mamma in History Hall

Murli class in History hall - Mt Abu

Standing in Silence

Baba Mamma standing in Silence - 1960s.

Karachi photograph of Mama Baba at beach

Near sea-shore in Karachi (1940s)

Sakar Parents

Sakar baba mamma. Photo taken in madhuban, 1962.

Mamma and Baba meeting BKs

Meeting BK family in Madhuban.

Brahma baba with BK family

Sakat baba with Kumaris.

Brahma baba in Bombay

Brahma baba sitting with Dadi Prakashmani on left in Bombay

Avyakt Bapdada in Gulzar

First Avyakt Murli through Kumari Gulzar. Old photo.

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