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Be Humble & Give Regard To All

Every society and even every family follows certain rules in behaviors. They serve as a code of conduct for us, to give regard to people based on their roles and positions. Having rules in place for how we give regard, treat, behave, and reciprocate to people in certain roles, is vital to maintaining the dignity of that role. Sometimes our ego does not allow us to follow these set rules, especially if we had an unpleasant experience or hold a negative impression about people. Following rules strengthens us and our relationships.

1 ● Acquaint yourself with the rules and regards followed at different levels: within your family, society, faith, or country. Learn by asking and observing.

2 ● Check your views about the people you know. Start with those older than you, holding higher positions, doing better than you, or getting appreciation. If there are thoughts of jealousy, inferiority, or indifference, counsel your mind – Offering regard for their role and position is my responsibility.

3 ● Be humble even with someone younger in age, lower, or equal in role. Even if others treat them differently, be courteous to them.

4 ● When you give regard, the positivity created helps you develop goodwill. Being nice to people, no matter what they do, is a sign of strength. Let your morality win over your ego.

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Message for Today

"Giving Cooperation & Easing the Life"

"Giving Cooperation & Easing the Life"

When I am able to give cooperation and take cooperation from those around me, I never experience fear for any task that has to be done, but am able to be at ease, knowing that everything is possible. I am also able to earn the respect of those around me for having made the best use of their specialities, which further facilitates the success of the task.

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