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Don’t Search For Happiness, Create It

Many of us complicate happiness, so it seems like a temporary emotion. To earn money, food, car, possessions, or position, we need to do something. But we apply the same equation that something is to be done to earn happiness. So, we either wait for it, search for it, chase it, look to buy it, demand it, postpone it, or tie it to an accomplishment. So as a society, we have become wealthy and successful today but not happy. The truth is that happiness can be created right where we are. It is with us and within us. There is nothing to do, we just need to be happy, moment after moment.

➤Can we be happy always? It is our choice. Happiness does not mean we deny the existence of negativity that may come to us from outside sources and our relationships. At the same time let us remember that situations or people in our lives are not here to steal our happiness. They are playing their role. They do challenge us at times but at all other times, it is we who hold the self back from being happy. Happiness is not just about a mood or feeling, it equips us with the power to cross any challenge that comes in our way. It causes our mind, intellect, and body to function out of calmness, wisdom, and optimism. So, problems do not cause us suffering. Instead, we will learn and grow from the experiences.

➤Happy people make other people happy. But often we become so focused on our goals that we forget to enjoy the process of getting there. Even if we do not perform wrong karma, our happiness starts reducing because we lose touch with our core qualities like contentment or lightness. This affects our work, health, and relationships. Let us put happiness on top of our priority list, which means we promise to take responsibility for it. When we are happy, everyone around us gets a share in it – we give a gift to the world which makes the world beautiful.

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Message for Today

"Awakening the Powers Within"

"Awakening the Powers Within"

To be powerful means to be aware of one’s own hidden powers and to use these powers in destroying old unwanted habits. It is to apply a powerful brake to the thoughts in a second, so that there is the ability to master the situation. Such a person does not fall prey to the situation but makes effort to become a destroyer of the weakness in a second.

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