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An Attitude Of Gratitude

Sometimes we take for granted, all the people in our life and everything which makes life comfortable. When things are not right, complaining seems natural. If we look at our life’s journey, a huge percentage of it is smooth. But we readily highlight difficulties and rarely acknowledge all that is good. Let’s cultivate an attitude of gratitude for people, situations and things that come together routinely to make our life beautiful.

1 ● Gratitude creates happiness and being happy keeps you contented. Begin your day with gratitude. Connect to God and thank Him. Thank your mind and body for sustaining you. Then give gratitude to people in your life and objects you use.

2 ● Create a relationship with the objects you use. For example, don’t leave your bed with blanket unfolded or pillow lying haphazard. Thank them for a good night’s sleep and place them neatly.

3 ● Leave no room to crib or criticize, when there’s a lot to thank. Not just situations and people who are nice, but be grateful even to those who’re not being nice. They have made you stronger.

4 ● Start being grateful for literally everything. Then, once in a while when you experience something not being right, your mind will not complain.

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Message for Today

"Free from Expectations"

"Free from Expectations"

The one who is free from wants is the one who is free from expectations. When there are no expectations, there is not too much thought about what is not there or what should be there. Since the mind is free from all these kind of waste thoughts, whatever is done is the best.

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