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Seeking Perfection In People?

Be it your spouse, child, friends, or office colleagues, we want people around us to be perfect, that too according to our definitions of perfection. In all our relationships, we create a pre-conceived mental image of how the other person should be. We want them to be perfect according to our standards of perfection.

𝟭 ● There are three images to people: First, you create an image of how someone should be. Then you meet that person and perceive them through your nature. That is the second image you create. Third is who they are. All these three images can be extremely different from each other.

𝟮 ● You can never really know anyone too well because you will know them only through the filter of your perception. You simply cannot see them from another point of view. So do not judge or criticize them.

𝟯 ● Everyone is perfect the way they are, with their own set of qualities, habits, attitudes and personality traits. Your definition of rights and wrongs cannot match with theirs. Your idea of perfection is just your benchmark, based on your qualities and perceptions.

𝟰 ● Whenever you expect perfection from others, pause and step back. Remind yourself that you have no control over other people’s behaviours. Instead of expecting perfection from them, focus on thinking perfectly about them.

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Message for Today

"Donating Virtues through Thought, Word & Action"

"Donating Virtues through Thought, Word & Action"

To donate virtues means to express virtues through one’s own words and actions. There is some or the other value revealed through all words and actions. The ones who constantly have the aim of donating virtues naturally bring benefit to all they come into contact with.

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