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Creating A Personality Of Truth (Part 1)

A beautiful aspect of our lives and sometimes not given enough importance to is the truthfulness of our words and actions. Very often there are hidden false intentions in our thoughts which are the opposite of what our words and actions might reflect. Also, at times some people may purposely show a different person or a different nature to the outside world and carry a different type of personality inside.

➤What stops people from being themselves? Is it the fear of the outside world or is it a personality characteristic – to be different inside and outside? Also, it is worth wondering such a person who shows a different face of himself or herself to the world – is such a person respected more or less by people around? Less, we would feel and we also experience that. Why? Sooner or later people realize and are able to judge us that we are lying or giving a false impression to people of many things. Such a person looses credibility and respect.

➤So, it’s good to be true and not to be someone with a false nature. Also, qualities shown outwardly to the world to please people are like artificial jewels, which are good to look at but do not carry any value. So, carry virtues or qualities in your heart and not in your head.

➤That means don’t become virtuous to show the world that you are a nice person and not be so nice inside. On the contrary, be so nice inside that people like you very much for your qualities. Always remember, people around you are very sharp in judging that you are an artificial good person or a real good person. So, instead of deceiving people with artificial virtues, express your goodness from the bottom of your heart and people will love you very much for that.

(Continues tomorrow...)

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Message for Today

"The Value & Virtue of Detachment"

"The Value & Virtue of Detachment"

When I am detached, my internal stage is beyond fluctuation. I am able to enjoy each and every thing that comes my way and be light constantly. Also, it enables me to be free of dependency.

Being a detached observer of your thoughts refers to the practice of stepping back mentally and observing your thoughts without becoming overly attached or emotionally involved in them. It involves cultivating a sense of mindfulness and self-awareness. Instead of getting entangled in the constant stream of thoughts and emotions, you observe them from a distance, as if you were a neutral observer.

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