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Maintaining Soul Consciousness In Action (Part 3)

We are all action-conscious at times, forgetting that all the actions are performed by the inner being or soul. Actions may seem to be performed by our hands; words may seem to be spoken by our tongue and everything we see and hear seems to be done by our eyes and ears.

➤But, always remember, to keep a balance of all our actions and to maintain a positive and powerful as well as detached state of mind that does not get disturbed, we need to remember one thing. The hands, tongue, eyes, and ears, all of them are being controlled by the soul or the real me. I am not Mr. X or Ms. Y. That is the name of the physical body or the physical costume I wear. The real I is the invisible being of spiritual energy or non-physical light – the soul.

➤With this kind of soul-consciousness, I will look at all my actions and words from a distance and not be worried too much in their involvement. Things can go wrong at times. Work may go in the wrong direction, people can at times be negative towards us and our physical body can be ill at times. Also, there will be lot of actions to be completed at times. All this will happen at times.

➤Also, there will be days when there is lots to do. But, if we remain soul-conscious, or in touch with the inner being, remembering our spiritual qualities and powers, we will remain at peace and in control. So, work hard, have beautiful relationships full of love and happiness and excel in every sphere of life. At the same time, remember to keep the balance by remaining introverted and detached. This is the key to contentment and a stress-free lifestyle full of calmness and self-esteem.

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Message for Today

"Magic Of A Good Company"

"Magic Of A Good Company"

To overcome any cravings towards addictions, meet and get into the company of people with positive qualities and good habits; and share positivity and goodness with them. This will make you positive and fill you with a feeling of well-being and as you connect with them and become busy, addictions will become unimportant.

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