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Maintaining Soul Consciousness In Action (Part 2)

How do I keep myself stable and constant when surrounded by lots of actions either in my personal life or my professional work or anything else? As per the knowledge of who I am, what we see about ourselves in the physical mirror is the way we look. Other than that, we know our education, our personality, our skills, and even our work or the role we play. This is our physical self.

➤But, inside this physical body, the one which plays its part through the physical body is the inner being also called the soul. The soul is an energy which is a natural storehouse of all our qualities and powers. If I experience these qualities and powers inside my mind, which is a part of the soul, I will remain at peace and in a content state of mind. But what happens is that when we begin our actions, we lose our connection with the inner self. We start acting on a physical level, without giving importance to the inner spiritual self.

➤A very simple method to bring these qualities and powers into my consciousness and then into my actions is to remind myself. Reminding me that I am a peaceful soul or I am a loveful soul or even I am a powerful soul. What this will do is make you that. These are called affirmations.

➤The more I bring these qualities and powers into action, the more my actions will become streamlined and I will not get over-involved with them. At the same time, I will perform them accurately, because my mind is focused and full. This is called soul-consciousness and is a higher state of mind than being action-conscious.

(Continues tomorrow...)

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Message for Today

"Power of God's Love"

"Power of God's Love"

The power of God's love brings about change internally. Through His love everything old and unwanted finishes. There is the natural tendency to bring about such perfection that the one who loves Him and gets His love becomes like a mirror - a mirror in which the perfection of others too is visible.

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