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Time Management (Part 3)

Very often, apart from creating the right type of thoughts, which help in proper time management, what is required is a good balance. I need to check myself whether my time given to different actions is being distributed properly. These actions could be your work, your hobbies, your personal life, your health, your relationships, and all other areas of your life. Very often we define success wrongly for ourselves and run after it with the wrong beliefs acquired over a long time.

➤As a result, our time sometimes gets utilized in the wrong way. So, I need to check aspects like which relationships of mine are the most important ones. I need to also check how much importance I give to my work and to what extent I give it time. Also, is the balance between my personal and professional life okay? I analyze all this, keeping in mind the correct definition of success, which is not only material success but a content mind and heart. Contentment is inner success and more important than material success. Once I understand my priorities correctly, my time starts flowing in the right direction, in the right manner.

➤I need to also check what I may gain or lose in every action of mine in the form of my internal mind’s treasures like peace, love, and joy. Suppose I am running after my work ambitions in search of success, but am I neglecting my relationships, my health, or my peace of mind in the process?

➤Also, some relationships may be giving me temporary happiness but are they taking me away from my relationship with God? After all, if my relationship with God is strong, all my other relationships will be successful. The answers to all these and many such similar questions led me to a good time distribution in my life, also called time management.

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Message for Today

"Shifting the Consciousness to Positive"

"Shifting the Consciousness to Positive"

Instead of being conscious of the disease of the body, all I need to do is to maintain the consciousness of being powerful internally. Then I would not be afraid of the disease of the body but will have the courage to deal with it.

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