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The Mind and Its Creations

Scientists have learned a lot about our physical functioning, but most admit that what actually keeps a human being alive is a mystery not completely solved. Rising above being just a product of chemical and electrical activity in the brain, as believed by many of us, spirituality orients me and trains me to come close to my real self, my spiritual self.

➤Before I was a stranger to myself, unaware of what is going on inside my consciousness and far away from my self. The first step in coming close to myself is to I learn to use the energy of my mind in the most effective way possible. For this, I decided to find a place where, each day, I can sit for a few minutes without interruptions, in order to focus on the self and explore the inner world of the creations of the mind – my thoughts, feelings, attitudes, and emotions.

➤There have been a lot of conflicting views in the world about what the mind is and how it works. In the teachings of meditation by Brahma Kumaris, the mind, which gives rise to my thoughts, feelings, attitudes, and emotions, is seen as a faculty of the soul, not the body. It is rather like the difference between a television set and the movies seen on that set.

➤The movies originate in the minds of the directors, not in the television set itself. The television set is just a medium for displaying the movies. So, it is with all these four creations (thoughts, feelings, attitudes and emotions). These originate in the non-physical consciousness (or the soul) and not in the physical brain. The brain is just a processor of them and the body is a medium via which all four are displayed or brought onto expressions, physical gestures, words, and actions.

➤When I realize this and understand this difference, it very empowering. I am then able to use the power of discrimination to make choices between thoughts, feelings, attitudes and emotions, which I create, that are useful and empowering for myself and others, and those that bring me and others down.

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Message for Today

"Serving with Vibrations"

"Serving with Vibrations"

When I am content, others automatically recognise the contentment within me. They are able to take benefit from my elevated spiritual state. Even in the most hopeless state, I find that I become a source of support for those around me. I am able to give hope to the hopeless and help them get back to a state of happiness.

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