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When We Change Others Change (Part 3)

While being involved in action, make it a point to remain connected with your inner centre of peace, love, and bliss which is the spiritual centre or the soul, by remaining in its consciousness. Also, feel the presence of God or the Higher Power in your life at every step without which we cannot succeed in our actions, especially in our relationships and interactions, where powers from both the soul and God are required. So, satisfying others with your behavior and through the energy that you share with them, will only be possible when you first carry positive energy inside yourself.

➤You can try and do everything possible to make people’s ideas similar to yours and make them work the way you want them to, but a single action of yours which is full of goodness can achieve that much faster than you can if you tried through other methods. Say e.g. a person in your family constantly has a habit of disobeying you and going against your requests and he or she does not believe in being on good terms with you and will always find a reason to differ with you in opinions.

➤You have tried for many months to come to good terms with this person, but you have not succeeded. Now, you make yourself a sweeter and more tolerant person and work on making yourself more humble. Suddenly, what you could not achieve in such a long time becomes very easy and gets done in a few days.

➤This is because seeing your practical change, the other person gets inspired to change him or herself much faster than by just persuading the other person constantly, to change. Remember when we change, others will change and until we do not do that, changing others will remain the most difficult thing to achieve and in fact it will be impossible. So, change yourself and set an example for others to follow.

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Message for Today

"I Am an Actor in this great World Drama"

"I Am an Actor in this great World Drama"

An actor on a drama stage never identifies with his role and does not ever get attached to it. He knows the role is temporary and he has to return home to reality at the end of the day, after the role is played. One of the most significant causes of stress is the thought – I am the role, which is an incorrect consciousness. The correct consciousness instead is that I am a soul, a spiritual actor and the role is my act.

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