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Spiritual Medicine for Cancer

Cancer continues to pose a big challenge in the world today with millions of new cases every year and a high death rate. The pain and suffering that many cancer patients go through is making the illness more dangerous day by day. Despite the best of health care, we have not been able to prevent this illness from occurring in human bodies although we do have sophisticated treatment available. How can we help the world in dealing with cancer? Let’s look at a few spiritual steps:

1● Everyday in your consciousness keep a positive thought – I am an angel for this world. I am an instrument to radiate compassion, care, and strength to every soul who has experienced cancer in this world and provide them my support who are all my brothers and sisters.

2● Create awareness that prevention is better than cure. Today I need to create the importance of leading a stress-free life all over the world. Everyone I meet, I need to share the technique of meditation as a key to freedom from stress, which is one of the important causes of cancer.

3● I also need to become an example for others, by taking care of my physical body and following a diet of vegetarian meals cooked in God’s remembrance which are good for the mind and body, adequate sleep, exercise, and peaceful relaxation. Others who know me and interact with me every day will be inspired to do the same and prevent cancer from occurring.

4● Wisdom of the soul and God and their qualities is today required very deeply to fight all challenges in life, including cancer. Also, the deep realization of the Law of Karma is extremely important in facing and in experiencing stability in one of the biggest obstacles in the world today, which is cancer. The Brahma Kumaris provides this wisdom in its courses and also has a beautiful technique of Rajyoga meditation, which millions of people are learning at its centres all over the world and practicing daily in their personal and professional lives.

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Message for Today

"Real Contentment"

"Real Contentment"

Real contentment is visible in such a way that others too are able to feel the happiness that is created. When there is real contentment, all thoughts, words, and actions are filled with quality.

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