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Be Determined & Positive At Every Step (Part 3)

Almost every single day, our determination will be tested, which is a common experience for many of us. Every time, we make a promise of determination to ourselves, there will be a difficult situation that will try and break the promise that we have made to ourselves and try and make us emotionally unstable and weak.

➤We have to ensure that does not happen and continue on the path of determination and achieve our desired objective in the shortest possible time. Being determined means not a single thought should be there in our mind, which has weakness or a lack of power; only positive thoughts and thoughts of victory, which you tell yourself, is certain.

➤Thus, in this way, we will not only become more successful but also the thought that victory is like my birth-right, which can never go away from me, for even a single second, will be like the fuel that will run all our actions with a lot of strength.

➤As a result, there will be positive success at every step. There cannot be constant success without determination. Sometimes, even when we have negative thoughts in our consciousness, we are successful. It can happen at times that what you did not even anticipate or expect, suddenly happens, despite a weak state of mind. What this can do at times is that we become used to that and expect that to happen every time. But, that will not be the case every time.

➤Finally, we have to empower or strengthen ourselves so much as to weaken situations through our powerful thoughts and not let them reduce our determination. We need to do this so that the next time we have a difficult situation, we are mentally prepared for it and we change the situation from a negative one into a positive one successfully.

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Message for Today

"The Power of Experience"

"The Power of Experience"

To be an embodiment of experience means to learn from everything that happens. So when I am able to become an embodiment of experience, I am able to feel mastery over every situation that comes my way. The power of my experience enables me to move lightly through all situations.

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