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The Spiritual Beauty Of Christmas (Part 3)

Lastly, Christmas brings together everyone in a united bond of love and joy and everyone remembers God and promises God that they will never hurt anyone and create togetherness in the world and also take inspiration from the teachings of Jesus Christ, a pure soul, who reminded everyone of God and said that God is the Supreme Divine Light and the Highest One. Jesus Christ stood for wisdom and truth and gave the world the light of goodness and spread goodness to everyone.

➤So, let us all celebrate Christmas in the remembrance of God and bring its spiritual essence in our lives. The Supreme Being or the Spiritual Pole Star, who is the Heavenly Godfather and the One who is constant in qualities eternally, says that the New World will soon become a reality and we will enter into that world with a divine personality, similar to God’s.

➤This is remembered in the Bible as – God created man in His own image. So let us be connected to God and share the message of God with everyone. This is God’s message to all of us – Become pure and divine like me by listening to the wisdom I share and by remembering me through the process of meditation, in which you concentrate on my pure and divine point form in the pure soul world, which exists beyond the Universe and the world of five elements.

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Message for Today

"Detached, Stable, Light, Free"

"Detached, Stable, Light, Free"

When I am detached, my internal stage is beyond fluctuation. I am able to enjoy each and every moment & scene that comes my way and be light constantly. Also, it enables me to be free of dependency. So I can make use of all facilities, and yet be free from negative feelings when I am deprived of them.

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