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The Time Is Now

Is there a perfect time that you wait for, to change anything about you, or to complete a pending task? Do you habitually postpone them saying I will start on … New year … my birthday … weekend … next week … next month? We usually postpone important matters – by not paying bills or tax until the last date, not valuing a relationship until it crumbles, not switching to a healthy diet until we fall ill, not giving up addictions until they severely affect us, not exercising or meditating until doctor insists.

➤The longer we postpone, the longer we block goodness from coming into our life. If we don’t know where to start, let’s seek guidance immediately. If we don’t think we can do it, let’s eliminate excuses that we don’t have time, confidence or will power. Decision to begin now is one thought away. Let’s be determined and discipline our mind. Let’s remind ourselves – I am committed to my tasks, my happiness and my health. I don’t delay anything. I take action now.

➤The one habit that limits our potential is to postpone tasks over and over again. Let us reflect and check how many times we convinced ourselves – I don’t have to do it right now. I will see tomorrow. The next day we again pushed the thought away. Eventually tomorrow came after days or maybe it still hasn’t come.

➤Take this moment to break that inner resistance and get around what you want to do. Inculcate in yourself a true discipline of less thinking and more doing. You will find your unhealthy postponement-patterns fading. When you start doing the things you knew you had to, your satisfaction and happiness will be immense. You develop a passion and remain inspired to begin and complete your ideas and desires. All your resistance gets forced out.

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Message for Today

"Surrender Your Burdens to God"

"Surrender Your Burdens to God"

A good way to feel happy the entire day is to be free of all burdens and surrender all your life's problems to God. The more you do that, the more God will protect you in every situation and you will never lose your happiness in any moment of your life.

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