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Lighting My Soul (Part 2)
(Spiritual Message On Diwali)

As we light the lamps, let us ignite the lamp of spiritual wisdom within. Wisdom fills us with peace, love and joy and radiates to the world.

As we burst firecrackers, let us burn and finish the past hurt. Like one flame can burst an entire chain of crackers, similarly one thought – Past is Passed, can finish all the burdens we are carrying.

➤As we exchange sweets let us also exchange sweet words, good wishes and blessings. When we celebrate Diwali in its true sense, then we will invoke the divinity of Goddess Lakshmi in ourselves.

➤When we celebrate Diwali, we also bring the New Year. But if we practically start living Diwali, then we will create a New Life, and together we will create a New World, a world where -

● Peace is the religion
● Love is the language
● Compassion is the relationship
● Truth is in action, and
● Happiness is a way of living.

Heaven, Paradise, Satyug …. a dream for many is very soon going to be a reality. It is a divine reality which God is creating, and we are helping God in creating it with our divinity.

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Message for Today

"Concentration develops when the intellect is clean and clear"

"Concentration develops when the intellect is clean and clear"

ExpressionFor the one whose intellect continues to wander, concentration becomes difficult or impossible. On the other hand, for the one who is focused on one thing, there are no other distractions at that time and there is easy concentration.

ExperienceWhen I am able to remain focused, I am not troubled by distractions which lessen my concentration. Instead, I am able to increase my discrimination power and am able to decide and judge well. This happens because my intellect becomes clean and gets cleared of waste.

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