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Look At Solutions, Not At Problems

When a situation is not your way, do you label it as a problem, crisis, chaos or misfortune? In reality, it is just a scene of life, meant to be the way it is. Thinking about what already happened just because it did not match your expectations, destroys your inner power to fly over it. Any situation is not really the problem, our perception about it makes it a problem. The situation is only as big as our mind perceives it to be. We often radiate negative energy by blaming, judging, questioning or trying to control the situation, which is actually not in our control.

➤Acceptance of what happened silences the mind. Our efficiency and decision-making powers increase. We start to see solutions and new possibilities in the stillness of our mind. Our calmness influences the situation and controls the situation. Let’s always be focused on what is in our control - our response. Resolve the situation and if nothing can be done, accept it with dignity. Remind yourself, I take responsibility of my state of mind irrespective of external factors. I am a master of my mind and a master of my situations.

➤We have so many accomplishments over the years right from childhood, that we are really proud of. We must have faced many challenges along the way of achieving them. There might have been difficulties, interruptions or disagreements. Remember all those times to see how you crossed them. You will notice that whenever you were focused on solutions you would have got better results than when you were focused on the challenge itself.

➤So, whether it is an issue in our health, in relationships, in a project, or in finances, let us cultivate a solution-oriented approach. Do not avoid or delay during challenges. As a problem-solver you start converting dreams into goals, and goals into reality. You can handle everything that comes in your way, with your solution-oriented mindset.

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Message for Today

"Good wishes and pure feelings bring easy success while working at a task"

"Good wishes and pure feelings bring easy success while working at a task"

ExpressionIf there are good feelings for both the task and the one who is carrying out the task, then the result attained by those feelings is automatically special. The feeling of giving love and cooperation, no matter what anyone is like gives good wishes and pure feelings. There is a deep impact of such good feelings which transforms others too.

ExperienceWhen I am able to maintain my own good feelings for others, I am able to enjoy the fruit of my own pure thoughts. I am not disturbed by temporary clashes that I have because of the different nature of the person I am working with, but enjoy working together. So there is also good feelings from the other person too and so there is easy success experienced.

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