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The Art Of Respecting Your Body

Our body which is our physical costume often becomes a target of judgment, criticism or rejection by us or others. For the ways it serves us throughout our life, it deserves gratitude. Focus should be on feeling happy and healthy, and not on appearing thinner, taller or fairer. Let’s become aware of thoughts and words about our body, especially when admiring someone else. Consciously change and send an energy of appreciation to the body we already have.

➤It is easier to cultivate love and respect for our body once we stop judging others. Let’s not pay excessive attention to people’s appearance, dressing, diet or lifestyle. We need to schedule enough time to ensure that our body is clean, dressed comfortably, nourished properly, exercised adequately and rested sufficiently. Let’s notice what else goes into and around our body – sunlight, computer/phone light, spectacles/lens, earphones, soap, cosmetics, jewelry and so on. If it includes negative substances, let’s re-evaluate and consume only what is healthy.

➤We often believe that our happiness depends on how our body looks. Casual statements like I am not happy about how I look send a very powerful negative message to the mind and the body. Truth is, how you look does not make you happy, but your happiness definitely makes you look good.

➤People around you may have opinions about how your body looks but take care that you do not criticize or reject your body. I am too fat… I am dark … I am weak … every word says you are rejecting your body. Take care of your body, keep it fit, but do with energy of love and appreciation. Pause a few times today to appreciate and thank your body.

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Message for Today

"God's love brings out the perfection from within"

"God's love brings out the perfection from within"

ExpressionThe power of God's love brings about change internally. Through His love everything old and unwanted finishes. There is the natural tendency to bring about such perfection that the one who loves Him and gets His love becomes like a mirror - a mirror in which perfection of others too is visible.

ExperienceThere is such inner strength that I get because of God's love that even if somebody does something to hurt me, I don't allow myself to get hurt. Even if people are saying negative things, they don't influence or touch me in a negative way. I am so full of God's love that it naturally flows out to those around me.

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