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Apply One Value For Each Day

Every scene in our daily life presents so many choices of how to be and what to do. The decision we take in each of them is a reflection of our values. Whether it is our care, patience, sincerity or gratitude - values give direction and add meaning to life. If our thoughts, words and behaviors are in line with our values, we feel comfortable. But if we compromise, deviate or give up values for any reason, we regret it sooner or later.

➤As someone who believes in moral living, you create a compass of values and use it to guide your choices and decisions. But as you set out into the world, you notice people around you compromising on their values. At those moments, do you get tempted to drop yours? Have you given up on any value just because someone else you live with, doesn’t have it? Values are our strength.

➤Even if no one around us is using them, and even if others believe they don’t work, we should not give them up. But often our behavior becomes only a reflection of the way others behave with us, and in the process our own values get lost. Living values means to consistently strengthen the spectrum of our principles and use them every time with everyone. Holding on to our values even in the face of temptations and challenges, increases our power. Values should be at the heart of all our choices and decisions, always. Otherwise if we use them only as per convenience, our values lose their value.

➤Choose any one value and for the next 24 hours, be committed to make that value reflect in who you are and what you do. Use it always and with everyone. Remind yourself - I choose one value every day. And I use it in my every thought, word and behaviour. My values define me. I bring them into action in every scene and strengthen my personality.

➤The value you choose becomes like a code of conduct which helps you become better and better. You will also make a difference to people and situations around you.

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Message for Today

"Mercy Means To Give Courage"

"Mercy Means To Give Courage"

ExpressionThe one who is merciful is able to give courage to the ones who are weak, because of the ability to look at the positive qualities in them. The weak ones are never made weaker with negative and discouraging talk but are encouraged to discover and use the strengths that are hidden within. So real mercy will give the courage to the other person to change too.

ExperienceWhen I have mercy on others, I will never lose hope on anyone, but will continue to have good wishes for everyone. Whatever the kind of person, even with the most negative situation, I will find my stock of good wishes to always be full. So I am able to be free from the expectation of others to bring about a change immediately.

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