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Blessings (Part 3: People And Situations)

When we see habits of family, friends or colleagues which we feel are not right for them, we often get disturbed. In a state of worry, anxiety or fear we keep thinking about their habits and talk about them to others. Same happens with problems and situations in our lives. Worry and over thinking seems to be a natural way of our living. Repeated thinking and talking of the present reality radiates vibrations which strengthens habits and increases problems. We have the power to influence them to change; we have the power to change the course of our problems - the power of blessings.

➤Visualize the reality you want, then create a thought that it already exists and then start radiating that thought to people or to the situation. Think and talk only that what you want should happen, believing that it has already happened. These are blessings for their habits or for the problem. When we were unaware we were creating negative thoughts and now when we are aware we create positive thoughts. Change of thoughts and words shifts the vibration and reality begins to manifest.

➤For e.g. if your child does not eat well or does not study or does not obey elders. Our normal way of thinking would be – My child does not eat. Hope he does not fall ill. What will his future be? The way he is performing, he can never be successful. Look at the way he behaves, he will never change. When we create such thoughts we are reaffirming the reality and allowing it to magnify. To change reality, we need to change our thoughts. Blessings will be – My child is honest and obedient. He loves and respects everyone. He is sincere and hard working, success today and always is definite for him. He eats a balanced diet and will always be healthy and happy.

Create and radiate these thoughts daily and experience the power of your blessings.

(To be continued tomorrow...)

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Message for Today

"Creating quality thoughts brings happiness and lightness"

"Creating quality thoughts brings happiness and lightness"

ExpressionWhen there is quality thinking, thoughts are not many, but each thought is special. Quality thoughts are reflected in quality words and quality actions. They reduce tiredness and carelessness as thoughts are fewer in quantity.

ExperienceWhen I have good quality thoughts, I experience sweetness, happiness and self-respect. I am able to recognise my own greatness and move forward with 'lightness' under all circumstances.

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