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Let Go Of The False Ego

All of us wish to overcome ego, but what is ego? Ego is when we wrongly make something that we have acquired, as our identity. It could be our qualification, position, skill, relationship or possessions. We live with a consciousness that I am this or I am that, attached to them. Then we expect people also to perceive us through that identity. When we say, She hurt my ego, we actually mean She harmed the identity I carry about myself.

➤Sit back and see how you overcome ego, with a consciousness of who you truly are. Repeat this affirmation every day to finish the ego that crops from having something or having nothing at all. As you shift from ego towards humility you stop wanting love and respect. You shift to a giving mode, of radiating your love and acceptance to others.

★ 𝐀𝐟𝐟𝐢𝐫𝐦𝐚𝐭𝐢𝐨𝐧 ★
I am a pure being. I am clear about who I am… I remain in the awareness of my identity…I am a soul…I play many roles… I acquire a lot in this lifetime…but I am not what I acquire…they are mine… they are not I. I am the being…the pure, powerful, loveful, happy being… the energy… who has acquired everything. I remain aware…that I am not my name ... not my body ...not my relationships ... not my degrees ... not my designation ....

➔ 𝐈 𝐀𝐌... a pure soul…. and so is every one I meet and interact with. I fear losing nothing. I am a trustee of what I have…I take care of them… but I am not them. I remain humble… I am light and pure…I live without an ego…of position or possessions. No-one is inferior to me…no-one is superior to me… everyone is equal…everyone is a pure, powerful being… I do not need people to be my way ... they can be their way… I will be my way…the right way…responding with humility and strength… I know who I am… I don’t compare…I don’t compete…I enjoy my journey… my feelings are mine ... not dependent on them. I need nothing ... I only give ... love and happiness.

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Message for Today

"Understanding Brings Happiness"

"Understanding Brings Happiness"

ExpressionHappiness lies in understanding the secret of whatever is happening. When one is able ot remain happy in this way, he is able to spread this happiness to those around too, influencing the lives of all.

ExperienceWhen I am able to remain happy under all circumstances, I am able to be free from the influence of others' negativity. Instead I will be able to become a major source of positive influence to those around me.

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