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Realising Attachment & its Different Types (Part 2)

We had explained some common examples of external attachments yesterday.

● Some common examples of internal attachments are attachments to:

➥ your ideas,
➥ your beliefs,
➥ your opinions or viewpoints,
➥ your decision making,
➥ your memories,
➥ a certain way you think,
➥ a particular quality or specialty of yours,
➥ a particular power of yours,
➥ a particular sanskar (either positive or negative)
➥ wisdom or knowledge that you have and acquired of different types in life
and many others. We have mentioned a few examples.

Whether what you are attached to, is external or internal, the sanskar of attaching is always internal. e.g. if you attach yourself to your job, you will say my job. Your job is something external, but you hold on to it inside your consciousness. In the same manner, if you have an attachment for your child, you will say my child. Your child exists outside, but you are attached to him or her in your consciousness.

➥ Lastly, you have a very nice quality of politeness and kindness. You will say my sanskar. It exists in your consciousness. But when you are praised for it, you experience an ego of the same or a sense of false ownership over the same. This is a sign of an attachment to it. This attachment is also in your consciousness or internal.

(To be continued tomorrow...)

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Message for Today

"Cleanliness of the intellect brings accurate decision making"

"Cleanliness of the intellect brings accurate decision making"

ExpressionWhen the intellect is not clear, it is constantly wandering and it becomes tired. A tired intellect is not able to concentrate properly and so whatever decisions are made at that time are not so accurate. When there is cleanliness within there are no waste or negative thoughts and the entire thought power is used in the right way and so the right decisions are made.

ExperienceWhen I am clean within, I am able to experience lightness. Because I am clean and clear within, I find that I do not have any conflict or difficulty in making decisions. Instead I will be able to find the flow of thoughts moving in the right direction very naturally. So I find things also moving in the right direction.

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