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Conscious Choices

Conscious Choices

Everything in our lives is chosen either consciously or unconsciously. All your choices yesterday, last year, ten years ago, have resulted in where you are today, what you do today, what you have around you today. This is hard for many people to swallow. They prefer to see life as fateful, or luckful, and therefore avoid responsibility for their own destiny.

There are many random, uncontrollable and unpredictable events, but our destiny is not defined by these events – it is defined by how we respond to them. And our responsibility – ability to respond – is always in our own hands. If we respond with desire we will likely be disappointed at some future stage when we do not get what we want. If we respond with expectation we will again, at some stage, be let down.

If we respond with annoyance or frustration we only disempower ourselves. Desire, expectation and getting upset are never the best choices. Until you can see this, you will not choose how you live. Life, circumstances and events will likely choose for you!

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