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Voice of Truth (Film: English)

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Video Description

"Voice of Truth" is a film devoted to present the story of our World with respect to the God, Earth, Nature and other human souls. This movie is a unique idea in itself. This movie advocates nature and shows human beings, the mirror of truth. How we have been so ungrateful to mother nature, who has always been our best companion, care taker and giver of all kinds of comforts. Nature is also the life-giver and live-sustainer. This film takes you to a journey of life when our companions (Earth, Water, Air, Trees) tells us their story. Also then GOD, our supreme father reveals our journey of taking many many births in world cycle, and at the end of the cycle, God has to come to re-establish the heaven, which was a state of the world when it is completely pure and perfect. All of us souls were perfect in virtues and powers. Nature was perfect. This world is remembered still as Golden Age or Heaven or Satyug. The message is given that it is our responsibility NOW to give back what we have received from mother nature. HOW? We can empower nature by purifying its water and air, with the vibrations that we spread when we remember Shiv Baba (the supreme soul). We can purify the nature by giving the rays (vibrations) of peace, purity and spiritual power as we receive them from our supreme father (Shiv Baba).
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