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Soul and the Supreme Soul (English)

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Video Description

This 9 minutes short film by Brahma Kumaris Godly Spiritual University is a beautiful introduction of soul and its spiritual father, the supreme soul (Shiv baba), guided in English. This video short film guides us to the 2 realities that exists: Material reality (physical world), and non-material (metaphysical reality, non-corporeal world). We can see the world with this eyes, but the metaphysical realities like Soul (the inner self), the Supreme soul (God), and the soul world (home of light or ether) cannot be seen or experiences with the physical organs like eyes, hands and nose. But we can taste the experience of that truth, when we remain in a 'soul-conscious' stage. We can experience the presence of the supreme soul (God father) when we are mentally detached from this physical world. This video is a gem which gives the message of God's arrival in this time of confluence age (end of iron age, and beginning of the golden age). And at last, you will get a glance of the heavenly world which is being established by God right now. MUST watch (recommended) and SHARE the link/message to others.
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