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सत्य की खोज (Short Film)

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Video Description

सत्य की खोज - 'Satya arthat ParamAtma ki Khoj' is a beautiful short film and one of the most recommended short videos made by Brahma Kumaris. Watch this film with your family, or SHARE to your family and connections. ✤ Story ✤ The play opens as Sudhir, a non-believer scientific minded (atheist) person wakes up in one morning to know that his mother is inviting him to participate in a Puja (prayer). He comes and argues with his mother about existence of God. Mother, being a strong Hindu, rejects his questions. One day, he visits a relative's house where he finds a person, who suggested him to join a conversation on a TV program as a debate on ''Whether God is omnipresent''. He does accept and attends the program. Sudhir presents logical points and questions the existence of God. Seeing his son debating against God like this, his mother stops talking to him and decided to go to Pilgrimage (Ilhabad). Sudhir also joins her. On their way, they stopped, and Sudhir finds a Brahma Kumaris centre where he had wonderful experiences as he witnessed the peaceful and pure environment. He finds a sister at the centre, with whom he shared he ideas on mythology and God. Sister shared the spiritual Godly knowledge (gyan) after which, Sudhir felt in deep thinking. The scene ends. Next day Sudhir finds out that her mother is lost in the Mela held at the pilgrimage. He tried his best to find his mother, but couldn't. After a while of un-restful turmoils, he re-visits that same RajYog centre, where he accidently attends a random class where the same sister was speaking. She explained the knowledge of Karma. Listening to this, Sudhir again felt an inner pull. At the centre, he received a Book of '7 days course', which he read. After getting the knowledge of Soul, the Supreme soul and eternal world drama, Sudhir realised the spiritual path. He leared 'Raja Yoga meditation' (RajYog) after which he understood the nature of Law of Karma and relates that to what happened in his life. The sister-in-charge of that centre guides him fully. RajYog (meditation with Supreme soul) brought a great change in his personality and emerged divine virtues of peace, patience and selfless love. Seeing this, his wife wonders. His life is completely transformed. The play shows how this wonder happens. In some days, his mother arrives back home and told the story that happened to her (lost and found by a local person, who helped her). Sudhir took his mother and wife to BK centre and introduce them to the Gyan and Shiv baba (God). They as well took the '7 days course' and received the introduction of our spiritual father, the supreme soul (Shiv Baba). The play ends. This is a relatable story to anyone new who comes in Gyan (in contact with BKGSU). Most recommened short film for new comers. "Satya Ki Khoj" is a short Film by Smile Creations. Concept: BK Brij Mohan. Writer: Rajesh Gautam. Editor: Pradeep K Sahu. Produced & Directed by Kunaal Kumar.
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