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"How to Face Challenges" Shiv Baba explains

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Shiv Baba teaches us: "How you can face ANY challenges or situation in Life by applying this wisdom". (Skip video to 1:46 for English version) कोई भी समस्या का सामना कैसे करे?; परमपिता परमात्मा शिव बाबा हम बच्चो को समझाते है। यह शिव बाबा की शिक्षाए हमने रोज की ज्ञान मुरली और अव्यक्त मुरलियों से निकाली है। We have extracted these precious teachings of Shiv Baba from the Daily Gyan Murlis, specially the Avyakt Murlis. We encourage you to listen God's direct versions in Murli. How? There are 2 ways: 1. Visit nearby RajYog BK centre and become a regular student, and attend daily morning and evening Murli classes (murli is read by Sister/s of that center) 2. Internet ~ We have many websites and mobile apps that serves daily murlis in multiple languages and in PDF, audio and video versions. But we recommend you to 'listen' the audio of Murlis. Search eg: "Bk murli today Audio" on Google, Bing or Yahoo. OR Download our mobile apps for Android or iPhone. ★Official Brahma Kumaris Apps are: 1. BK Assistant (Andriod only) 2. BK Sustenance (Android, iOS) 3. Madhuban Murli (Android, iOS) Tip: Visit "Online Services" section on this website to get daily sustenance.
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