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Giving Transformational Energy to Heal Souls: BK Shivani

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Sister Shivani explains how our 'vibrations', our thoughts can influence other souls. And guides on how to use our thought powers to uplift and empower others so that they can transform and overcome their weakness. "DO NOT see weakness in others. See their virtues, and good things about the person. There are 100 positive values in other people against only 1 or 2 negative sanskaar. So instead of judging them, we wise souls must understand and yet empower them to transform their weakness into virtues... Bring positive values in your life too"; says BK Shivani. The foundation of Inner Peace Inner Power is spiritual awareness of the self which is both the journey and the destination. Here, we invite you to visit WISDOM section on this website to take our "RajYoga course" online. This course is the essence of all godly knowledge, which is the source of wisdom shared by Bk Shivani. 'Subscribe' to BK Shivani's official YouTube channel to get daily uploaded such videos: (or Search 'BkShivani' and you will see the Youtube channel)
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