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Divine Visions of Brahma Baba (short film)

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Video Description

This is the retold story of Prajapita Brahma (renamed from: Dada Lekhraj). It was in late 1935 when Dada Lekhraj started receiving "Divine Visions" from God. Visions of the coming new world (Satyug, aka Golden age), visions of the destruction of old world; and visions of his own future form 'Shri Krishna'. ✤To be watched specially in the month of January. But primarily, this video is intended to give God's message of arrival and his task of 'world transformation' and establishment of the new world through Brahma. This video is an audio♫ story made by BK Dr Kamta, and narrated by an automated reader. "Live the story as is told" ➥Please do SHARE this video using the given 3 buttons on WhatsApp, Twitter, and Facebook - SHARE to your relatived or BK family in your connection.
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