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Donate/Contribute to God's Purpose

This donation page is made to let you contribute in sustaining the online services to spread Godly message in various ways. The contribution is selfless, trusted by the Shiv Baba Service Initiative, under our main website:

Small donations are accepted, or as suits to your financial stage.
Note ➤ We will only accept a donation between $5 and $60 USD (min: ₹100 INR and max: ₹4000)

✱Contribution received here will be used to run, maintain and grow the online services that are operated by a group of BK brothers & sisters. Below is a list of all services running under the 'Shiv Baba Services Initiative'➝

➝ 4 BK Websites
➝ 3 Mobile Apps
➝ Sound Cloud channel (daily sustenance)
➝ Total of 8 Domains
➝ Files hosting (server charges)
➝ Running Daily Murli website: BabaMurli.NET
➝ Salary paid to 2 members of our team

✱For more information & to donate to the SBSI fund, please visit out "contribute" page:
OR click the "button" on this page.

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