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BK Sustenance App for iPhone

Prajapita Brahma Kumaris Godly Spiritual University presents you "BK Sustenance", aka "BK Songs, an All in One App" (Ruhani Paalna - a Spiritual Sustenance) given from OR (the team of 'Shiv Baba Service Initiative'). MUST use & SHARE this app to BK brothers and sisters.
✱Below is a short description of all in-App services:
1. "Ruhani Geet''➤ A well-defined 'searchable' playlist of 132 selected best Shiv Baba's songs.
2. ''Daily Murli & more''➤ Listen Daily Murli in Hindi and English, new Classes, Rajyoga commentary, etc. are daily uploaded 'new'.
3. ''Playlists''➤ This section has everything else that you need in 'audio'.
4. "Video songs"➤ Watch Live TV
5. "Website pages"➤ from
6. "About Us"
7. ''Images Gallery''➤ beautiful collection of images.
8. 'Forum & Blog' ➤ Get help, guidance, and inspiration.
9. ''Online Store''
10. ''Connect'' Connect to our accounts on WhatsApp, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram and Twitter.

✱Download the app➤ follow "Visit this Service" button.

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