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BK Sustenance- All in One app

Brahma Kumaris Sustenance app created by the "Shiv Baba Service" team which is available for both Android and iOS.
➥BK Sustenance app is "all in one" app which served daily murli in Hindi and English (audio), daily Purusharth (3 to 5 mins audios- by Peace of Mind TV), and serves daily uploaded videos, along with a LARGE audio collection of BK songs, BK classes, Sakar and Avyakt murlis, relaxing music, meditation music, and more...

➥ This app also have images gallery, in-browse main BK site, eBooks to read, and other facilities.

For Android (on Play store), the app name is "Brahma Kumaris Songs- All in One"
For iPhone (on App store), this app's name is "Brahma Kumaris Sustenance"
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