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Make Everyday A No-Complaint Day

When was the last time we complained about a person or a situation? May not be long back… may be just yesterday. Our life is so beautiful, yet we engage in complaining again and again, finding faults and pointing at negatives. This daily habit stresses us, depletes us and prevents us from getting to the solution. Repetitive complaining indicates that something within us needs to change first, not what is happening to us.

1 ● Whether consciously or not, do you complain about people and situations? Does chaotic traffic, bad weather, tasteless food, or mistakes by family or colleagues bother you so much, that you tend to complain?

2 ● Like it or not, complaining seems to have become a way of life. In every scene, we have 2 options: First option is to flow with life by adapting and adjusting, so that our energy is in harmony with that of people and situations. The second option is to complain about the scene just because it's not the right way.

3 ● People are who they are, situations may not also change. Even if we need to change something, let us do it without complaining in our thoughts or words. We can use our energy to change what is not right, rather than waste it in complaining. Otherwise, by complaining we ourselves carry an unhappy energy with the way things are. It becomes a habit and soon, we will not be happy with our life.

4 ● Go without complaining for an entire day, come what may. Things outside will remain the same, but you will experience a positive shift internally. Then do the same everyday. Remind yourself - I am committed to making today a No-Complaint Day. I flow with life, with an energy of acceptance and respect.

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