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Strengthening Your Shield Of Positivity

We are all going through turbulent times and life throws at us arrows of different negative situations again and again. We all carry a shield of positivity, which we use to protect ourselves from these different negative situations. Sometimes our shield is not strong enough and some arrows in the battlefield of life hit us hard and we get emotionally wounded as a result. Let us explore in this message how do we make our shield of positivity stronger:

1 ● Always keep one positive thought of spiritual wisdom in your consciousness in the entire day. An empty mind weakens our shield of positivity.

2 ● Keep God's company with you at every step. God is an Ocean of peace, joy, love, bliss, purity, power and truth. These virtues will make your shield of positivity stronger.

3 ● Apply the full stop when challenged by difficult situations. Don't create a large number of negative and waste thoughts and magnify the situation.

4 ● Tell yourself worry is a negative energy. By worrying, the negative arrows that life is throwing at you, will take advantage of you and hit you hard.

5 ● Keep yourself busy when there is a negative situation. The more you do that, the more your soul power will not get wasted and you will remain strong.

6 ● Emerge the power to face inside you. Remember the battle can only be won when you don't give up. This will attract solutions and take you to safety where the arrows can no longer hit you.

7 ● Giving is a beautiful art of performing positive and pure actions. By sharing qualities and powers with others, we send our arrows of positivity in the battlefield of life and they will bring the negative arrows down.

8 ● Practice the art of introversion. Just like the tortoise goes inside its shell, detach yourself from your sense organs and feel your inner being and your shield will protect you well.

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