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Asserting Without Arrogance

In our different roles at family and workplace, we need to be assertive in order to influence people to get desirable results. Assertiveness helps us to politely state our opinions, respect others, be firm and be flexible to change. But if we do not take care, we can shift towards arrogance and look down upon others, to feel superior. In our various roles, we need to exercise influence on people, so that we achieve desirable outcomes. We all begin asserting ourselves humbly, but at times we find ourselves becoming pushy or arrogant.

1 ● Assertive communication is a skill you can master with practice. Think clearly and speak humbly. Choose fewer and right words to state your opinion. Be confident and respectful. Focus on achieving the goal rather than winning the conversation.

2 ● Remember that you are speaking to another pure being, not to a role or position. The other person may resist, oppose, or question your views. They may even be rude. Have compassion for their behaviors. Be your respectful self and listen patiently.

3 ● Detach from your point of view to see their perspective. Identify their concerns and address them. When they feel valued, they respect you and become more receptive.

4 ● Once everyone agrees, calmly communicate responsibilities, set timelines, establish rules and discipline people with dignity.

5 ● Do not compromise on your values. Stand by them firmly, without fearing consequences.

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