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Overcoming Addiction to Photographs & Selfies

Before the era of smartphones, taking a photo was a process in itself. Today we are always eager to capture pictures of ourselves and our lives too often and feel compelled to upload them on social media to get attention. Addiction to capturing life’s moments with a camera is destroying our ability to capture vibrations of the experience in our mind. Do you inevitably leave late for a party as you’re clicking selfies and uploading them on social media? Can you just not stop capturing videos on every occasion? And do you feel let down if your posts don’t gather enough Likes?

➤We enjoy reflecting on precious memories through photos and videos. But the urge to click-every-moment is leading to an addiction to posting them on social media and seeking public approval. Every scene radiates an energy that is to be experienced. We also need to radiate our own good energy to that scene. In striving for a perfect photo, we tend to pose and pretend to a point where our authentic energy gets blocked. Let’s honour privacy. Capture photos for yourself, not for public approval.

➤Enjoy life’s scenes, there is beauty and goodness everywhere. You visit many beautiful places, meet so many loveful people, and attend several memorable events. There is a lot happening and many memories to cherish. But do not become addicted to clicking photos to make memories. When there is a picture-perfect scene, just take a couple of photos if needed and put the camera down to feel the vibrations and to take in the moment. Experience the energy and not just view it through the lens of a camera, absorb the vibrations and radiate your pure vibrations to the scene.

➤Capture your life’s memories in your mind and rely on your memory. It is sharp and strong. Emotionally connect back to that memory. When family or friends share their photos regularly, don’t engage in social competition and don’t crave attention. Even if you need to share it with someone it shouldn't be to get their approval. Approve yourself and have all the good times recorded in your mind. Repeat this affirmation 3 times to de-addict from constantly taking self-portraits or other pictures - I am a blissful being. I record life’s beautiful scenes on the screen of my mind, not on my camera. I hold precious life’s moments in my memory. I radiate peace and happiness to every scene and fully live the experience.

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