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Return to Original State of Goodness (Part 2)

Niceness at the level of our personality is original and our false or negative personality characteristics are acquired. A person who has been bad all his life is actually a very good soul or being originally and a person who has been good all his life is a much better soul or being originally. This is because we don’t limit our vision to a one birth reality because that is a false reality.

➤A true reality is one of many births. A human being is temporary but a being is eternal. So, a being, which we call a soul, is nice when it begins to play its role in the birth-rebirth story of life. It is full of seven qualities – peace, joy, love, bliss, purity, power and truth. As it begins to play its role, it is not only full but is always radiating these qualities to others. This is called a no-expectations stage of the soul. As a result, it is constantly happy and overflowing with contentment.

➤As the soul passes a few births in its role play, it loses these qualities and starts asking for these qualities from God and others around it. Slowly, the soul becomes expectation filled and the seven original qualities inside it begin to decrease. Such a soul is not able to play relationships well and positively and also experiences hurt and pain in different ways.

➤Although it receives some qualities from God in worship, it is unable to go to its original state of fulfillment, until it has complete knowledge of the self and God and also the Law of Karma. This knowledge is called spiritual knowledge and the only one, who has it in complete truth, is God. This knowledge from God helps us become full of all qualities and powers and as a result nicer beings or souls.

(To be continued tomorrow...)

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