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Key To Beautiful Relationships: "Unconditional Love" (Part 4)

Loving God in the right manner is also an important aspect of our lives in which God is also just like all our other relationships, although a very important one. Playing a role of child or friend to God also requires certain ways of acting and creating thoughts of love for Him. E.g. To always ask more and more from God and not think of returning enough is also an incorrect way of being God’s close one. Also, changing oneself to become like God is being a true loved one of God. Qualities like love, happiness and contentment and even a clean heart and truthfulness make you worthy of receiving God’s beautiful sustenance and support when you are facing difficult situations in life’s journey. At these times, you need God’s help, without which you cannot come out of them.

➤Another important relationship with God is one of a teacher and a student, in which God helps us become full of divine qualities apart from spiritual knowledge of course. In this relationship, we need to realize the importance of the effort made by God as a Supreme Teacher. Also we need to realize how we should return all the energy and time that he spends on us in making us perfect human beings and lifting our spiritual intelligence to high levels.

➤This is required to become pure and perform good actions. Another relationship with God which we sometimes forget to play is one in which God is like a child who takes care of us in different ways. He does this in return of all the care that we shower on Him and also all the respect we give Him because He is a like a constant spiritual power canopy on us. His eyes never stop looking upon us and protecting us from all the difficulties that we might face.

➤Also, whenever you remember God as the Supreme guru, it means following all the directions that He gives. It also means having a stage of purity when coming into contact with others, which is a stage similar to God’s. This makes you worthy of His constant good wishes which keep you light and happy.

(To be continued tomorrow...)

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