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Avoiding Exaggeration In Conversations

Whether it is stating facts in front of our family or narrating an incident to friends, we sometimes exaggerate. By trying to make something seem more important, or better than it is or worse than it is, we make interactions unreal. Moreover, magnifying a negative experience complicates things in our mind and attracts negative vibrations.

1 ● Do you have someone in your relationships, who likes to exaggerate? Does that person draw you into a drama you wish you could avoid? At times, do you also exaggerate to different extents, for various reasons?

2 ● Most people exaggerate today, painting a situation with their own perspective and personality traits, thereby distorting the truth. We may want to gain attention, dramatize for added effects or want to persuade someone. But stretching the truth to make it better or worse, reduces our inner power and credibility.

3 ● Let us start perceiving situations as they are, without adding our own flavours of worry, fear or excitement. If we exaggerate in our mind, we definitely exaggerate in our words. A little attention to declutter the mind by removing the additional pieces of information, helps us convey nothing but facts.

4 ● Whether it is negative information, health concern or a casual conversation, have the power to state truths. Remind yourself - I do not exaggerate. Being authentic keeps me clean inside and out, and makes me credible.

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