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SOUL: The Driver of Body (Part 1)

One of the comparisons which help in self realization i.e. in strengthening the awareness that I, the soul, a non-physical energy am different from this physical body is that of the driver and the car, where the driver represents the spiritual energy and the car represents the body which is controlled by the spiritual energy. The biggest reason why I do not have the desired control over my physical body, my vehicle, my sense organs today is that I lost the consciousness of being a driver which could control and rule the vehicle. Instead, I developed the consciousness that I am this vehicle, this physical body.

➤This consciousness disconnected me from the ability and the power I possessed inside me to control the vehicle. If I want to achieve the desired control, I need to be in a driver consciousness i.e. in the awareness that I am a soul and my body is a vehicle, through which I experience life. Being in this awareness, in this consciousness, awakens me and empowers me to regain the much required control over my body.

➤The car controls are the gears, brake, accelerator and steering wheel which can be compared to the subtle sense organs of the soul which are the mind, intellect and sanskars and those of the body which are the eyes, ears, nose, hands and tongue. A good driver is one who remains extremely alert and is able to use the gears, brake, accelerator and steering wheel effectively and efficiently, in order to be fully in control of the vehicle and to avoid any accidents.

➤In the same way, as I move on the road of life, I need to keep my subtle and physical sense organs (mentioned above) in complete control. If I do that, they will keep my journey enjoyable and help me experience mental peace and happiness safely and successfully. If I don’t do that and let them overpower me, accidents will definitely occur, making me peaceless and sorrowful.

(To be continued tomorrow...)

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