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Contentment: Imbibe And Radiate

A life-skill that we need to learn, is to balance our contentment and our desires. Let’s check if we say, After I make all these improvements in my life, I’ll be contented, or do we say I’m contented right now, and ready to improve further. Contentment doesn’t mean we have no desire to achieve. It means we are already satisfied, and willing to work harder to improve our future. Have you come across people achieving goals, doing well, leading comfortable lives, but never contented? Have you also met someone who has hardly achieved anything, but is very contented in life? Does it set you thinking about the link between contentment and achievement? Contentment is independent of who we are, what we have or what we achieve.

➤It is a beautiful quality of being happy with everything at the moment, while working towards more. Contentment is to be cultivated, irrespective of external situations and people. Being content does not imply we withdraw, be lethargic, stop achieving or settle with what we have. It simply means everything happening at this moment – who we are, what is happening to us and around us, and the people we are with - everything is fine the way it is, and we are ready to work on things further. It takes just one thought to be contented. Your energy of satisfaction fuels your positivity and power to your situations.

➤Before beginning the day, remind yourself everyday that you are a contented being. Always be contented with every scene of your life, with yourself, with your family, with your work, with what is happening to you, around you, to the people you are with. Everything is fine, happening exactly the way it is meant to be, the way you are is perfect, what you have is enough and people and situations around you are right. Your contentment is a reflection of your happiness and peace within. Nothing outside needs to be perfect for you to experience contentment. Never compromise on your values of peace, love and happiness while working towards your goals.

➤Your contentment is not dependent on what you have achieved. Be satisfied with what you have. Remaining contented, now work towards more, develop healthier habits, learn new skills, achieve meaningful goals and work on self-improvement. Radiate your highest vibration to every scene. Radiate your peace, purity and power to every scene and elevate the energy of the next scene. Co-operate with everyone instead of competing. The positivity you create from within, the blessings you get from people keeps you contented, happy and successful always.

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