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Raksha Bandhan: Bond of Purity & Protection (Part 1)

Raksha Bandhan (August 30th) is a festival celebrated between sisters and brothers, a bond of purity and protection.

➤The rituals followed earlier were different from today. Earlier every family had a priest, who was invited home for prayers and purification of vibrations. The priest would tie a sacred thread on everyone's wrist.

➥This sacred thread was a thread of pledge. Each family member would promise to live a life of right actions. Gradually the ritual began to change - young girls in the family tied the sacred thread and then it changed to sisters tying the thread to their brothers.

➤If a brother is a child, can he protect his sister? Can a brother always be around his sister for her protection? Is it only a sister who needs protection, not brothers? Does the festival teach only physical protection or is there a deeper learning?

➥Every festival and ritual we perform conveys a meaning. The ritual is a symbolic representation of what we the souls need to follow to lead a happy and healthy life.

➤Raksha Bandhan is more than tying a rakhi and brother protecting the sister. The festival reminds us of the direct connection between Purity and Protection.

(To be continued tomorrow...)

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