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Writing A Gratitude Diary

We are all blessed with many beautiful attainments in our life. We feel happy in having these attainments and we are always thankful to the Universe and to people around us that they have blessed us with them. We even thank God because remembering Him has helped us receive these attainments and experience them. Attainments are life's little milestones and good things, which come in our way sometimes on their own and sometimes with some effort.

➤They can be physical as well as non-physical things. A gratitude diary is a little diary which we can keep and write in it everyday what is nice in my life. We can write 3-5 things everyday, even what happened today in my life, which gave me happiness. It can be things which God has gifted me, a person close to me has given me or nature has shared with me.

➥Also, I need to revisit my gratitude diary from time to time, read its older pages, which I had written, say one month ago, a year ago or even a few years ago. This is because the more we are aware of life's goodness and the more we remember it again and again, we feel happy for what we have and not be unhappy for what we don't have.

➤Life can sometimes send us difficult and negative situations and we can sometimes get depressed and sad, but our gratitude diary will remind us of how fortunate we are and how we all have so many things which have made us smile and feel deep within our heart that life is beautiful, every person is beautiful, every situation, even if its negative is beautiful, because it is beneficial, every life moment is beautiful and of course God, who is our most loved one, is the most beautiful, because He is good, caring and kind with us all the time.

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