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When To Tolerate & When To Face

Each of us is blessed with the power to tolerate different behaviors, as much as we have the power to confront them. When there is a clash of values, differences in tastes, contradicting opinions or your own weaknesses, we are sometimes unsure whether to tolerate or oppose them. Knowing how to respond makes us capable of preventing or solving issues. Do you consider it unavoidable to face or confront people who behave or act in ways that you don’t approve of? Do you sometimes find it unavoidable to tolerate abuse, corrupt practices or violence? Does your mind become unsure of which behaviours to tolerate and which ones to face?

➤We all have two inner powers – The Power To Adjust and The Power To Face. Since these powers are opposite by themselves, we need to be very clear in discerning which of them to use in a given situation. One reason our relationships are getting complicated is because we are wrongly using these powers. If there are differences in qualities, virtues, opinions, moods, and perspectives, we need to adjust with people. Adjustment means we understand, accommodate and accept that people are different.

➤Let’s not create negative thoughts, confront or withdraw from them. But if there is abuse, exploitation, or compromise of values and principles, let us face or confront such behaviors. Adjusting and accepting due to social pressures depletes us. Discerning and choosing the right power is crucial. The more you bring it into practice, the easier it becomes to discern and bring them into action.

➤Remember you are a wise being. Use your inner powers appropriately in every scene. People you meet today will present their behaviors. Know when to adjust and when to confront them and use your inner powers of adjustment and confrontation, the right way. Accept each one as they are, with stability. Advise or instruct them for their benefit, bless them but do not confront them. Your power to tolerate different personalities strengthens your relationships.

➤At the same time in certain situations, when you have to confront people, rise above social pressures, public approval, or obligations, do what is right. Also, when you know about your weakness or a wrong habit, confront it and do not adjust. Do not live with it. You know its consequence. So constantly work on it until you finish or change it. By using the right response at the right time, you increase your inner powers.

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