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Being Determined To Be Who You Are

On some days we wake up feeling so fresh and enthusiastic, we decide to remain in the same state of mind the entire day…stable, relaxed and happy. We will visualize ourselves succeeding and be very sure not to get disturbed. But just moments later there comes a scene - something happens and our anger or ego takes over completely. It feels as if the scene was constructed with the sole intention of breaking our inner promise to ourselves of stability and happiness. Similarly, sometimes we become very determined to watch our diet that day. But the same day we find the most inviting menu or a favorite dish being cooked, so we end up overeating.

➤Such situations come to challenge our will power once in a while. But the very first time we succumb to it, we tend to give in permanently. Instead of saying – I will remain stable during the rest of the day, we start over-thinking, criticizing ourselves for that failure and that depletes our soul power further. So we become more vulnerable in subsequent interactions with colleagues, friends and family even in trivial matters. Thus the whole day goes in a state of turbulence. Few of us believe that small bouts of anger help to create an adrenaline rush to perform better, or that anger gets work done.

➔ But there is enough scientific evidence of how anger harms. Apart from hurting relationships, anger outbursts lead to illnesses like blood pressure, blockages in arteries, insomnia (inability to sleep well), body aches, digestive disorders. Few others believe that ego gives a sense of power and helps to be successful. Truth is that ego is a huge weakness. It demands respect instead of commanding, so eventually people move away from us and we do not experience success.

➤Certain emotions test us the most when we least expect. Anger and ego top this list, apart from the temptation to go towards wrong habits. This means our virtue of will power also gets tested often. But it is up to us to be determined and emerge and use our inner resources of peace, power and happiness. A little attention helps us see everyone as beautiful souls. Our pure energy motivates other people to emerge and use their virtues. This means not only will our day be beautiful, but our energy influences people around us to be beautiful too.

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