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Success & its Right Essence (Part 2)

Success has wrongly been defined as the happening of a positive event or reaching an important milestone in your life. We often say we have done well in an exam or we have got a degree or we overcame a serious illness or we finished a project at work. These are all outer events when something good happens in our life. We have always thought that success came from outside.

➤On the other hand, success in every sphere of your life will be much more and much more long lasting if internally you are powerful, content and joyful and full of truth. This is because our internal state of mind along with our intelligence and other important personality traits and also our physical skills bring us success.

➔Sometimes our internal state of mind is very good but we lack positive skills and maybe a good physical personality suited for a task, and yet we do well in the task. This is because your inner state influences the task much more, even if you have not worked very hard or used too many skills.

➤On the other hand, when our internal state of mind is sometimes not so positive, clear and powerful or our mind is full of unnecessary and negative thoughts but we are extremely talented and possess good intellectual skills, we don’t perform well in a particular task in life. In this case, the skills are not enough to achieve the required purpose. So, long term success is attained more by what we think and positivity in character than by the different positive skills and talents we possess externally.

(To be continued tomorrow...)

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